Water Supply & Hygiene Promotion (WSHP)

July 1st, 2014 admin

PALM CDSG Ltd is a nongovernmental community development organization, which was the brother organization of PALM Foundation that adopts a holistic development approach in implementing a package of community development programs, which are initiated with mega community mobilization processes.

The proposed WSHP Project proposal will focus mainly in one DSDs in the Batticaloa District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. PALM, from its inception has identified a great need for uplifting and provision of drinking water, hygiene facilities in those war-affected areas. Therefore, 12 months project intervention of WSHP project will address the need in a no interest loan basis and hygiene sensitized manner.

It was selected 3 GN Divisions of the one DSDs with around 1603 households. Out of that, 100% families are not having access to proper quality drinking water facilities. Through this project interventions 62 %( 1000 families) of them will receive drinking water facilities and 38% of them will get the access for the quality water through water board. In addition to 70% of households being educated with systematic hygienic practices including all schools in the 3 GN Divisions. Project will be commenced as a two phases. 500 water connections will be provided in phase one and another 500 connections will be given in phase two. Both phases will be implemented from March 2014 to Feb: 2015 in the GN divisions of Siththandy 1, 2 and 3.

Capacities of RDS in the GN Divisions will be developed in order to implement loan basis water connection systems. The RDS will act as a ground level partner of the interventions.

Baseline Surveys and Feasibility studies are the major initial tasks of all partners with the professional expertise of PALM. Water board will provide technical inputs for the drinking water connections.

Education programs for the behavioral and attitudinal changes of high degree hygienic practices will jointly be design and implemented with relevant governmental authorities and sector specialists.

WSHP project will be planned to ensure the sharing of its cost among the beneficiaries. The total cost of the project is Rs.6980000.00.  1000 beneficiary families will contribute Rs.1500000.00 (1000*1500.00) by providing water posts, taps, PVC pipes and skilled labour. This will cost Rs.1500.00 per family. The total cost for the water connection is Rs.5480000.00. (5480.00*1000). This will be funding from Berendina organization. This cost will be recovered within one year time period and 50% of this will pay back to Berendina within the project period. PALM will keep 50% of recovery for staff’s salaries, fringe benefits, travelling cost and other overhead cost.