Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Activity (SCORE ) project -Ampara

PALM organization will identify target groups consisting of youth, religious leaders and members from the business communities to serve as reconciliation champions to foster and promote reconciliation and social cohesion in the 5 target GNDs in Ampara District. Once the target districts are identified there will be a sensitization workshop for the champions where they will compile an action roll out plan. They will also carry out a campaign for the duration of the project where they will identify and design activities to promote social cohesion and reconciliation throughout the 5 GNDs. These activities will include tangible interventions as well.
Further, PALM organization will support the formation and reformation of Co-existence societies and other community platforms and build the capacity of these platforms to promote social cohesion and reconciliation. The activities will be identified and supported once the co-existence societies and platforms are formed.

Objective 1: To raise awareness on reconciliation and social cohesionamong youth, religious leaders & the business Community through reconciliation champions. Objective.

2: Capacity building of co-existence societies in the target GNDs

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