Water Supply and Hygiene Promotion Project

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Berendina Development Services (BDS) in collaboration with Palm Community Development Services (Palm East), will embark on a Water Supply and Hygiene Promotion Project in three villages in the Eravur Pattu DS Division in Batticaloa District to provide water for 1000 families.

The memorandum of understanding between PALM and Berendina was signed in Colombo at the BDS Head Office on the 31st of March by Dulan De Silva, Chairman of the Berendina Group, and Sunil Dompepola, Director, PALM Community Development Services.

Under the project 1000 families in three villages in the Eravur Pattu DS Division, namely; Siththandy-1 (One), Siththandy-2 (Two) and Siththandy -3 (Three) will be provided with water connections through the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. The project will also provide hygiene promotion trainings and awareness programmes for selected beneficiaries. PALM Community Development Services will be the implementing partner in this project. The total cost of the project will be Rs 5. 4 million and this is provided as a loan by BDS to Palm. The availability of pure water will enable the people in these villages to reduce water related diseases as well as get easy access to water on tap, which is a basic need deprived to them.

Apart from this water supply and hygiene promotion project, BDS’s main focus in Batticaloa District will be assisting destitute families/beneficiaries through provision of monthly allowances, grant based livelihood support and housing, providing scholarships to needy bright students and community infrastructure projects. BDS is initially expected focus its work in the Manmunai West and Manmunai South West DS Divisions of Batticaloa District.

The Berendina Group also has a branch of the Berendina Microfinance Institute (BMI) in Valaichenai providing micro credit and enterprise development services and trainings to poor families in the DS Divisions of Vakarai, Kiran, and Oddamavadi.

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